NEW Monster/Eagle bridge method! Faster than BREEZLY

Eagle/Monster bridge:

So I found this new bridging method in bedwars, called Monster/Eagle Bridge (I don’t know which is the name, so I put both) while playing with my friend Gxdless, and he told me that it’s very easy to learn and master how to do it. This method is basically speed bridging, but timing the clicks and the shift/un-shift very well, that you go so fast; as the title says, faster than breezly bridge.

Breezly bridge:

It’s about going backwards while bridging, but strafing left to right of the bridge. This bridge method is very used for rush parties in Bedwars, usually in close maps like invasion in 4s or basically in doubles, because almost all the maps are a 32 rush.

Monster/Eagle bridge post
breezly bridge

You place the block when you’re on the side of the bridge, and then strafe to the other side. You can time it or you can just spam your mouse, with Jitterclick or whatever you prefer… You need to have regular 15 CPS (Clicks Per Second) to do it by spamming

The video:

So here’s the video! I hope you liked it tho… Thanks to my friends Gxdless and Qakis for helping me make it!

I did two tests, how faster is eagle/monster bridge than regular speedbridge, and how faster is it from Breezly bridge. Obviously it’s not faster than moonwalking or god bridging, because those methods are straight no-shif, but I found really cool the fact that a non-spam click bridge can be so fast. I still use regular speedbridge to play, because I fall pretty often, but I usually practice this method in Hypixel housing, and I actually do very well.

I don’t really know what to put here sooo… cya


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