My 1st video, Hypixel Skywars montage.

This video is basically an introduction of the channel. I played Skywars Teams in Normal mode during 1:30h and then I edited the video, with the highlights of the recording. I used “QuickTimePlayed” to record the video, “iMovie” to edit it and I could use “Pixelmator” to do a banner/miniature. There’s 1 thing about the video that I want to comment. First of all, I used the “disco kit” on that game (Min 0:43), so I had a thorns III chesplate. At the end, I found a team, and it was a 1v2. First I left 1 of them at half a hearth, and then his teammate started to fight me. I killed him and at the same moment his teammate was hitting me at 0.5, so my thorns chesplate killed him. It was really epic… The musics I use in the video are from “Frequency” and “NoCopyrightSounds”, 2 awesome YouTube channels with lots of epic music; also, the resource pack I am using is: Faithfull_4, , and I played in (Hypixel)
This is the miniature of the video. Click Here to see the video.

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