Knock Them Out – A KB abuse montage

The reason of the video

Hello guys, and welcome back to another post in my blog, this time is about a video I uploaded called “Knock Them Out”!

So today I uploaded a video called Knock Them Out (A kb abuse montage). The video is basically about me just throwing some nerds into the void, but I actually made that video to show how OP kb is and MAYBE I will send it to a Hypixel moderator to nerf kb… Basically the Knock Back III rod, it’s so broken.

Here I leave you the video:


As you can see at the 0:22-0:40, I abuse the Knock Back III rod to kill people and I manage to get an EASY 8 kills solo game. The sad thing is that at 0:22 I get a kill with a hit that was 1 second delayed… SO MUCH!

And then at 1:05 I get another delayed hit that send that guy to mars, literally, to the other island ._. That’s why I say it should be nerfed to kb II or turn down the spawn rate, because I got that rod so easily from chests.

About the video

It didn’t actually take that much to record and stuff, just a while to edit, but I don’t really care because I had lots of fun doing it!

The gameplay “date” (in the scoreboard at the top-left) is pretty old because I started recording the video two weeks ago, but then I had lots of exams at school, so I could not play much Minecraft to record the video.

Knock Back III rod - Knock Them Out post

“Knock Them Out”

Nock Em is my favourite song, by “Bossfight“, amazing channel btw, and I found that song from a game called Geometry Dash. I play it pretty often and I really like it! The song is actually from another game from the same creator, RobTop, that is named “Geometry Dash Subzero”. The level is called “Nock Em“; idk if you care about that game, but as it’s my 2nd favourite game, I write this just for you guys to know it.

And that’s it for this post! I hope you liked it, and also the video! Tell me if I should I send it to a Moderator to review and consider to nerd the KB rod.

Here I leave you with my ScreenFlow tutorials:

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