Hypixel Skywars update!

Welcome to my blog again, yesterday (29th June/2017) Hypixel updated “his skywars”. They changed the lobby and they added “Laboratory Games”.

Laboratory games are: Blizzard, TNT Madness(my favorite), Rush, Floor is Lava and Kill by color.

This games are skywars, but with a game modifier, They call it “Experiments”. For example, Blizzard is a Skywars normal game, but snowballs deal damage and in the chests you just receive ender pearls, shovels, fishing roads and snowballs, so many snowballs.

On my next video, I will do a review of all the things Hypixel added on Skywars and how to play those games to win easier.

Also, in the “Experiment Chooser side”, you see a snowball (to select Blizzard), a TNT (to select TNT Madness), an Enderpearl (to select Rush), a Lava Bucket (to select Floor is Lava), and a Red dye (to select Kill by Color). BUT there is a block of glass where it puts “Coming soon, if you have an Experiment idea, tell us on the Hypixel’s forum” So you can tell them any ideas to do more Experiments on the Laboratory game mode!



In this game, the map is full of snow and snowballs deal damage (2 hearths without armor). I don’t like this game mode really much, but if you have played “Paintball”(a hypixel game) before, this mode will be really easy. Also, you can make snow golems, really OverPowered because they don’t miss any shot and Hypixel buffed them shoot rate. Unluckly, they die with just 1 snowball hit.

You can PvP with the shovel, it’s really weird, but useful at short range.

The Snowstorm happens 3 minutes after the game starts, and it’s made to kill campers. Here, BIG snowballs fall into the islands and destroy them, literally.


TNT Madness:

This is my favorite game mode, because I LOVE TNT jumping. And Hypixel fixed the anti-flyhack, so you can do TNT jumping without bugs or lag backs.

There are 3 types of TNT: the “Normal TNT”, the Instaboom TNT and the TNT launcher. The most usefull is the instaboom TNT, It knocks so much! You don’t get fall damage or “explosion damage”. Also, there are creepers all around the middle, they do damage and they are so anoying!

TNT’s info:

TNT launcher=Redstotne block, it spawns 4 tnt arround the redstone block, like TNT jumping! Normal TNT=Default TNT, but when you place it anywhere, it automatically activate. Instaboom TNT= Defaul TNT without cooldown to explode, it doesn’t break blocks.

-You don’t get any damage from explosions (except creepers) or fall damage.


This is a good game mode too. You get so much ender pearls from chests and OP things. The mechanic of the ender pearl transportation is really nice.

But the most OverPowered item is the “Dctr’s Club” (a sharpness X shovel). Well, just see this screenshot…



Thanks for reading this post and see you later!!! I will talk about the other 2 game modes after uploading the part 2/2 of “Hypixel Skywars Update Review”

PD: If you see anymistake in the text, please notify me bellow this post (Where it puts: Leave a comment) or from my YT channel

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