Hypixel Ranked Skywars l Road To Diamond Division #1

This was my second video, I didn’t edit it much, but it was because I wanted to mostrate the full gameplay. I did like 9 games, and I won 5 of them. I decided to record 5 wins/”Road to diamond division on ranked skywars” video. Also, I know that some of the games are wins from Clean Up’s or Kill Steals, but I had to do it, people there was really pro. I have already recorded the second part, with also 5 wins… I think I will do more ranked montages, and not those of 5 wins/video, because it is really boring to watch and it isn’t funny. The next video will be a preview of a epic video, a trap montage with the “canoneer kit” in Skywars. I am deciding if I will do it in solo mode or in team mode.

Btw, I want to say that I’m from Spain, so my English is really bad. If someone sees any mistake on my posts, please notify me by YouTube (my latest video).

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