Hypixel Duels Montage

Hypixel Duels Montage:Here we are again, with another montage. This is my first ScreenFlow montage so it isn’t so good. But I’m fine about how it is, not bad at all. I played some classic duels and then Build UHC duels because the classic duels were so fast. Maybe “Hypixel Duels Montage” will become a series of videos (sorry for my bad English ._.), because it has already 45 views and it’s not so hard to make. I really hope I can make them.

-About Hypixel Duels: Hypixel duels is a Game Mode in Alfa version. It is in the Prototype lobby, so it isn’t done yet. If this becomes a full game, so in beta version, I will make videos of me tryharding to get into the top100 ir something XD.

As I did this video with ScreenFlow, and I am doing tutorials about how to edit with ScreenFlow, I put here a button to go to my ScreenFlow tutorials. I hope you like them

Also, visit my YouTube channel for more videos like this! Bye

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