Hypixel Bedwars Leaderboards!

Hypixel Bedwars Leaderboards!

So some weeks ago, I decided to start grinding some final kills to get into Bedwars Leaderboards (weekly leaderboards) I played basically with Gxdless and UL1218, pretty cool guys, and other random guys I invited from lobby1, and I actually got into the leaderboards! It was a holiday week so I had enough time to reach it, I played almost 24/7 XD. Well, actually not, but I did play a lot of time and I won’t do it again because it’s very stressing 😛

Here I leave you the video:

About the video

I hope you liked it, I putted a lot of effort on it actually.

The final kills I used in the video are just 50 (more or less) because I had the “Final Smash” final kill effect:


Bedwars leaderboards final smash thingy

and it wasn’t good for the video sync, as it didn’t make any sound until 5 seconds after. I got pretty upset about it as I wanted to fill the hole music with final kills, but I couldn’t XD


At the final part of the video, I just made some stupid stuff and random editing to get a longer video and because the montage itself with anything more wasn’t actually a “funny” or “good edited” video, and so I didn’t like it…

But I decided to put that and I actually like it now!

Other stuff

We reached 75 subscribers and now it’s actually 80, since I uploaded both videos, DEMO MODE and Bedwars 100* montage my channel is getting so much subscribers. I love how my channel is growing so fast, and you all help me so much by subscribing, or just by watching my videos. I try to make the best I can to give you guys funny and creative content. Also, the video Watchdog Fastest Ban already reached 11k views, and that is actually boosting so much the amount of views and subscribers on the channel.


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