Hypixel Bedwars Capture mode World Record!

So, since I beated a world record with the fastest bedwars capture mode, with 53.13 seconds, and I got 300 total views, I decided to try to beat another word record.

I asked Gxdless (a pro guy that participated in the first world record) and we invited 2 sweaty tryhards to beat it again. I don’t remember their names because we did the world record in the first attempt XD. I leave you the video of the first word record: (this is the edited video)

Well, not that bad. I’m pretty proud of it actually.

But the world record got beaten by another guy with 51 seconds, so Gxdless and I decided to create another party to beat it again. The sad thing is that we got 49 seconds in the first attempt… I don’t even know how we did it, but that happened, so I didn’t have any footage to work with… The new world record video is so bad because of that, I’m sorry.

I’ll leave here the new world record video:

The team this time was: Gxdless, Alex_austria, Monsterprix, TreiK_YT

Also, I used a different timer because some people said that timer wasn’t presised… I checked and they were right XD Sorry if someone saw it and though I was a liar .__.

The sad thing is that now I have 3 consecutive videos about capture bedwars world records, I edited this fast just to upload it, and never ever think about it again, kinda sucks that I didn’t have any inspiration, because I had lots of exams last week.

I don’t really know what else to put here… Like and subscribe for more, and also check the ScreenFlow tutorials, they are pretty good.

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