I changed my name to OoTreiK + How to NOT Edit a Bedwars Montage!

I changed my name!

Some of you guys have been asking me why did I change my name to OoTreiK, and basically was because I didn’t like my last one, with the _YT… I got that because “treik” was already chosen by someone -_-

I though about changing my name but I didn’t know what to change it for, to maintain the “treik” thingy on it, since I joined a bedwars guild, The Storm Upon Us [STORM]There I met some people, I also made friends, and I realised that a lot of them had “Oo” behind their name, OoTofie (from tofel), OoKlush (from KLUSHA), OoSky (idk but something related to sky xD)… And there I realised that I could myself change my name to that, and so I did.


Now my name is OoTreiK, and if you want to friend me, don’t use my last name please, it was so cringy tbh, I always hated people using _YT on them…

I also changed my YouTube name to it, so if you’re not subscribed yet (idk why wouldn’t you do it lol) search me with “OoTreik – YouTube” to find me, and subscribe with notifications because yes 😀


How to NOT Edit a Bedwars Montage

This video is a parody of people that upload this type of vides where they just play and then put a background music, I don’t think that if anyone of those persons watched this video, would get mad, because as it’s a parody, it’s extremely exagerated, so no one can recognise themselves on this…


I’ll let you watch the video first:


Steps of how to NOT edit a bedwars montage:

-Super duper low quality video (no sound+280p)

-Not cuting the part where you start/stop the recording

-Keep writing stuff in chat that have nothing to do with the video

-Making the into in a note box (even tho you can put text)

-Bandicam watermark (it was necesary lol)

-Doing 0 cuts (I did cut some parts because it was truly painful to watch)

-Using most overused music in the history

Why did I do this video?

Mainly because I think that at the time of 2018, there are more than enough good and free/cheap editing programs in wich you could do videos with decently high quality, just searching some tutorials on YouTube! I get very mad at these people because I started editing with iMovie, a free Apple program

, and it was so easy to edit with, even tho it could not do much, but I wasted so much time editing and learning new mechanics, that people that just upload these kind of videos, seem like they don’t care about the quality of their videos whatsoever.


I hope anyone gets mad at me because of this video, I also uploaded it because I’m pretty much out of ideas ;-;

Thanks for taking your time on this post




Here you have my ScreenFlow tutorials:

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