Canoneer kit montage

There’s no much things to talk about this video. It is just a montage of some TNT canons with the canner kit. I wanted to de a video with it because I just bought it, with 30.000 skyward coins. I didn’t edit it much, because the video was just a preview of a “big” video trolling people with that kit. Also, I did a TNT trap, as you can see at the start of the video… The miniature was edited with Pixelmator and I putted some leters by “”, they do nice fonts of leters.

I recorded this video in HD with “QuickTimePlayed”, that is a recording program (obviously). I didn’t download it, because I have an iMac, so it was already intalled, like iMovie.

Remember that I am from Spain, so my English is really bad. If you see any mistake on the text or on my YouTube channel, please notify me.


Thanks for reading/watching the video and see you later!!!

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