100 Subscriber Special – Voice Reveal! ft. Tofel

100 subscriber special

It’s been a long and incredible journey to 100 subscribers, and I’ve finally done my voice reveal, as I promised that I would, when we hit that milestone.

I had an amazing time doing videos for my Channel, and also writing in this website for those that want to know me more personally, or either learn a bit how to edit with the ScreenFlow tutorials

(those tutorials are going to be remade with my voice, and I will also try to do more in the future, as I just did 3)

I don’t want to say stuff like “OMG GUIZ I LOVE YOU ALL FOR 100 SUBS I WOULD’VE NEVER THOUGH ABOUT REACHING THIS OMG ILY’ALL!!!!” because it’s actually so dumb. I do appreciate that you all took your time watching my videos and even subscribing to my channel, because I made you laugh, get surprised, or for any reason.

But let’s be honest; if you don’t have hope in yourself, about getting any Achievement, you will never be successful with it. I did know that some day I was going to hit 100 subscribers, if I worked hard and took all my time and resources editing the best I could.

The voice reveal

That’s why the voice reveal took that long to come out, because I didn’t want to just record the video and keep it uncut. This isn’t by far my best video, but it is the video that took me the most time to do, and I would really like to get feedback, either good or bad, to improve on upcoming videos. I hope you enjoy.


Welp, so this is me, a 14 year old Creator with a voice that seems like im 3 and a very cringy Spannish accent… (also bad vocabulary smh)

Apologise for the late video, I feel like TapL right now tbh, but I’ve attempted to do this video already 3 times (this is the 4th one), and this one was by far the best one… I though that I was lasting very long on uploading this video, and also that I didn’t upload any videos since 2 weeks ago, and I didn’t even realise. This video should’ve been uploaded at Sunday, but I didn’t have enough time to do finish it.

About the video

The first part of the video, where there’s 99 subscribers and I subscribe to be the number 100, is fake, it was recorded 3 days ago (before this post) when I already had 122 subscribers, and it’s basically because the footage of me hitting 100 subscribers, from a Real time subscribers counter page, was deleted. What happened is that I removed my first voice reveal (because it was so bad) and didn’t realise that that footage was also there.

What I did was go to my YouTube channel from Google, right click and then click on “Inspect”

Then I clicked on the part with a red circle, and then on the part that I wanted to modify (subscriber count on this example)


And finally, clicked on the text and modified it to 10M subs

wow this post turned out into a tutorial XD

Remember that just you can see the “Inspect” thing, and if you reload the page, it will remove. And btw it just works with Google.


This is all from me, I hope you all enjoyed this video. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, it means a lot.



Here you have my unfinished ScreenFlow tutorials xd

ScreenFlow Tutorial #1. Put a record to the timeline

ScreenFlow Tutorial #2. Put a music to the video

ScreenFlow Tutorial #3. Upload a video

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