Hypixel Bedwars Leaderboards!

Hypixel Bedwars Leaderboards! So some weeks ago, I decided to start grinding some final kills to get into Bedwars Leaderboards (weekly leaderboards) I played basically with Gxdless and UL1218, pretty cool guys, and other random guys I invited from lobby1, and I actually got into the leaderboards! It was a holiday week so I had … Read more

My new outro

About the video So I just uploaded a video with an outro, and I wanted to know your opinion about using an outro or intro… or whatever. I got the intro from a random guy called Panda Fx 「ᗰᗝ丅Ꭵᗝᑎ ᗪᗴᔕᎥǤᑎᗴᖇ」 (literally) and idfk who he is but he makes (or steals LOL) good intros and outros, and … Read more

ScreenFlow Tutorial – #3. How to upload a video

Hello and welcome to my third tutorial of ScreenFlow, this program even being simple, can record screen and create videos. I’ll be doing some tutorials, starting from the basics, uploading one every friday, exept for this week, that I will upload a total of three. I hope you like them! The Show begins Go to ScreenFlow Tutorial – … Read more

Hypixel Duels Montage

hypixel duels montage

Hypixel Duels Montage:Here we are again, with another montage. This is my first ScreenFlow montage so it isn’t so good. But I’m fine about how it is, not bad at all. I played some classic duels and then Build UHC duels because the classic duels were so fast. Maybe “Hypixel Duels Montage” will become a … Read more